Michael Beck On the Issues of Bangor

Michael Beck standing in front of the Umbrella Sky display over Cross Street in Downtown Bangor.

I’m Michael Beck, and I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work on Bangor City Council. Our Queen City has a bright future ahead, and I’m committed to making that future a reality.

From housing and community well-being to public transportation and economic growth, I’m eager to tackle the issues. Together, we’ll build a stronger, more vibrant Bangor where every resident can thrive. Join me on this journey as we explore the path to a better Bangor, one issue at a time. It starts with your vote for me on November 7th.


Affordable Housing

Community Well-Being

Our community’s well-being is a top priority. This includes addressing vital issues like substance use disorder and mental health in ways that uplift our residents’ overall well-being. I’m dedicated to building a safer and more supportive environment that ensures every member of our community can thrive.

Public Transportation

Improving our public transportation system is an important issue I will address during my tenure. My goal is to make our public transit system even more accessible, dependable, and affordable. Let’s explore innovative solutions like expanding schedules and introducing shuttle services for door-to-door convenience, all while prioritizing safety. We need to make sure we’re doing everything we can to attract and retain drivers through competitive pay and benefits. By doing so, we can alleviate traffic congestion, reduce emissions, and foster better connectivity across Bangor. Join me in working towards a brighter, more accessible future for our city’s transportation system.

Michael Beck wearing sunglasses and standing in front of a Bangor city bus. It is a selfie.

Transparency & Communication

Transparency is vital for trust in local government. As your City Councilor, I’ll prioritize open and honest communication. I’ll push for greater transparency in decision-making, ensuring that the voices of our community are not just heard but actively engaged in shaping our city’s future.

Economy & Job Growth

A thriving economy benefits everyone. I’ll champion policies that create a favorable environment for businesses to grow and create jobs, including investing in infrastructure, attracting and retaining businesses, supporting small businesses, investing in education and workforce development, promoting tourism, and creating a welcoming environment. Together, we’ll create a stronger and more prosperous Bangor for generations to come.

Public Employees

I am concerned about the insufficient pay and high turnover rates of our firefighters. They are essential to our community, and they deserve to be paid fairly and treated with respect. I will work to ensure that our firefighters are adequately compensated and have the resources they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.

Engagement & Open Dialogue

Engaging with our community is fundamental. I’m committed to fostering open dialogue and encouraging participation in local governance. Together, we can create an environment where every voice is heard, and together, we’ll shape Bangor’s future. Learn more.

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