About Michael Beck

I’m Michael Beck, and I’m running for Bangor City Council to bring fresh, collaborative leadership to address the challenges facing Bangor residents.

Born and raised in Michigan, I moved to Bangor over 8 years ago with my wife, Jamie, to raise our family here. She was born in Maine and grew up in this area, so this was a homecoming for her. I quickly came to love this community and the people who make Bangor a special place to live. The school system, the parks and recreation, and the availability of services made Bangor the right choice for us to raise our children here.

My desire to serve on City Council comes from seeing the urgent challenges facing Bangor residents and wanting to be part of real solutions. In mid-2022, I started investigating why the Council was stalled on using ARPA funds to address crises like homelessness and substance use amidst the pandemic. The lack of strategic planning and decisive action was unacceptable with lives on the line.

Since then, I’ve immersed myself in learning from housing advocates, recovery groups, public employees, small businesses, and vulnerable residents to truly understand their needs. I’ve spoken out repeatedly at Council meetings, Augusta, and anywhere I can to urge action because I know we can do better.

My goal is to bring fresh, compassionate leadership to City Hall to improve life for all in Bangor, whether it’s families struggling with unaffordable rent, downtown businesses impacted by symptoms of unaddressed housing, addiction, and mental health crises. If we tackle these problems at their roots with practical solutions, we can help Bangor live up to its full potential as a thriving, welcoming community for all.

With your support this November, I will tirelessly work with other councilors and community partners to find pragmatic solutions to Bangor’s challenges. For too long, progress has been stalled on the issues that matter most. It’s time for transparency, accountability, and action. My approach is simple – listen to residents, confront problems head-on, and push for real results. Your priorities are my priorities. Your voice will always be heard. We will tackle challenges like housing affordability, economic growth, substance use, and public services together.

Join me in bringing compassionate, people-focused leadership to City Hall. The change we need starts here and now.