2023 Bangor City Council Candidates

This year there were 8 individuals who filed paperwork to qualify for the ballot for Bangor City Council in Bangor, Maine.

I was proud to have the support of many in Bangor early, and was able to submit more than enough signatures on the first day of eligibility.

I’m hoping to have your support with your vote on November 7, 2023.

Order of names on the ballot are drawn randomly.

In Bangor the names for School Committee candidates are listed in alphabetical order. For City Council, the names are drawn randomly. My name was drawn last, so I will appear at the bottom of the list of City Council candidates. Look for Michael Robert Beck at the bottom of the list. Certainly makes me easy to find!

Here are the list of candidates running to be on City Council in Bangor:

  • Philip Marc Henry
  • Harold Arthur Wheeler
  • Carolyn Agness Fish
  • Joseph Andrew Leonard
  • Morgan Emily Pottle Urquhart (link)
  • Kimberly Anne Gibbs Boucher
  • Susan Elizabeth Deane
  • Michael Robert Beck

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you!

Together for Bangor,
Michael Beck